Football Agent Fees – Premier League 2017/18

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Recent statistics published by the FA (Football Association)  indicate that Premier League clubs paid agents over £200m in the 2017/18 season.

This represents a 37m increase from the equivalent study in the previous season, thus showcasing the ever-rising role of agents and intermediaries in football’s top leagues.


Liverpool came in at the top, as the Merseyside club paid over £26m to agents representing their players, whilst Chelsea were just behind on £25.1m.

Given Tottenham Hotspur’s strong league position of 3rd place, it is impressive that they managed to keep agent costs at just £7.2m, placing them at 13th among Premier League teams.

Huddersfield Town were the league’s lowest spender at £2.5m, indicating the huge gulf within England’s top division.

Source: BBC Sport

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