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A sports-education company seeking to help the next generation of football agents.

The turn of the century has represented an unprecedented rise in the number of football agents. Since FIFA passed the responsibility to regulate intermediaries in 2001 to individual countries, there has been a 1000% increase in those taking up the profession.

With football becoming increasingly popular, and the coverage of the sport growing with new technological platforms, the game relies on the players to excite fans and generate revenue for all the parties involved. Consequently, footballers are directly profiting from this. With the total European wage bill for professional footballers now in excess of £9.5 billion per year, the standard 10% that an agent receives from their client’s wage has already started to entice people.

As a company, our goal is to ensure that this developing cohort of football agents has every chance of success in this tough, yet greatly rewarding industry, but also achieve their aims in a moral and professional manner.

Using the experience gained whilst working with players such as Mesut Özil, llkay Gündoğan and Shkodran Mustafi, we hope to impart our knowledge onto you, as the next set of professional football agents.

Dr. Erkut Sögüt LL.M.

Dr. Sögüt runs the football agency responsible for clients such as Mesut Özil, Kieran Gibbs, and Robert Pires and has been in the business for over fifteen years. The agency offers a holistic service, including contractual, commercial and legal advice. Dr. Sögüt works with each client in a personal manner, spending as much time as possible with each player, and working with their family members directly to ensure the best possible results. Stemming from his work with Mesut Özil, Dr. Sögüt is well-known for having negotiated the biggest Premier League contract in history in January 2018 for his client.

Dr. Sögüt’s role as an agent is not however confined to on-pitch matters. Mesut Özil currently has the largest social media following in the Premier League (and 7th worldwide), as well as top-tier global commercial partners. This is in addition to off-pitch business ventures, investments, that includes the M10 eSports team and fashion brand, as well as Unity and charity work.

From the start of his career, Dr. Sögüt has been guest-lecturing at universities around the world including Harvard (Business and Law School), University of Southern California (USC), George-Washington University, Dusseldorf University, Kadir Has University and The FBA.


Jack Pentol-Levy

In Summer 2015 Jack was accepted onto an internship programme at a top sports agency, which proved pivotal in determining his pathway to football. The tasks completed throughout this time opened his eyes to a career in sports-business, and has flourished since then.

After the completion of the internship, Jack and Dr. Sögüt formed a working relationship that would ultimately lead to the fortunate position they find themselves in today. Moreover, he has heavily expanded his network, especially within the worlds of sport and entertainment, and acquired numerous skills and extensive knowledge of contractual matters. Thus, his work has both a commercial and a football-related dimension, whilst also specializing in contractual and legal matters given his training as a lawyer too.

Since he began working in this business, other football players have joined the agency, and new bonds have been formed with commercial partners. This has opened up various avenues for the company, primarily in expanding the ever-growing network, and enabling us to all learn and experience even more.

Charlie Pentol-Levy

For a few years now, Charlie has been independently consulting and working alongside a digital agency responsible for the press work and outreach for players such as Mesut Özil.

Not only has this enabled him to gain interesting insights into the media aspect of the agency profession, but also crucially understanding how players want to be represented and received within society.

Much of this work has been useful for ‘Football Agent Education’, as Charlie’s experience in writing and outreach has been pivotal for the publishing of the first book. Combined with Dr. Sögüt and Jack’s vast networks, the team has worked closely together in order to ensure the best possible end results.

Consequently, ‘How to Become a Football Agent: The Guide’ acts as a direct reflection of the combined skills and practical knowledge obtained over the past years.


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